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Direct Debit Guarantee

All Direct Debits are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

If you choose to pay for your insurance policy by the Insurers Direct Debit, they will provide you (direct) with a copy of their own finance terms and conditions.

Where Alpine Insurance cannot offer an insurers instalment plan, we may offer a finance solution with Creation Consumer Finance Limited, of 6th Floor Royston House, 34 Upper Queen Street, Belfast, who specialise in providing finance for insurance premiums.

Direct Debit Guarantee
In future if there is a change to the date, amount or frequency of your Direct Debit, Creation will always give you five working days notice in advance of your account being debited. In the event of an error, you are entitled to an immediate refund from your bank or building society. You have the right to cancel at any time and this guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits. A copy of these safeguards under the Direct Debit Guarantee will be sent to you with your welcome pack from Creation.

Credit Assessment – In assessing your application Creation may search the public information a credit reference agency holds about you. The credit reference agency will add details of the search to their records whether or not the application for credit proceeds. This and other information may be used to make credit decisions about you and to undertake checks for the prevention and detection of money laundering.

Your Payments – The monthly repayments on your agreements are variable. You should consider your ability to maintain the payments.

If you do not make the repayments that are due under this agreement then your credit rating may be adversely affected and could make obtaining credit more difficult in future. It may also result in legal action being taken to recover the debt. Failure to make repayments under this agreement may result in the cancellation of your credit agreement and the insurance policy paid for by said agreement. You may then be liable for any debt arising from the cancellation.

Creation Consumer Finance will send you an Important Information and pre contract credit information document with your welcome pack. You should read these documents before deciding to sign the credit agreement. If you then choose to proceed with the financing of your insurance premium, please ensure that the credit agreement is signed and returned to Creation Consumer Finance Limited immediately, failure to return this form could result in a £10.00 administration fee being added to your account. If charged, this fee will be refunded in full upon receipt of the signed agreement.

Should you default on a payment, Creation will write you giving you 10 days to rectify the problem. After the 10 days, if any arrears have not been rectified, both Creation Consumer Finance and Alpine Insurance will send you a 7 Day Cancellation Notice. If after this period, the account remains in arrears, both the Direct Debit Agreement and your Insurance Policy will be cancelled and any outstanding premiums will be due for immediate payment.

We must also point out that Creation will make a charge of £25.00 on every direct debit default and if Alpine are forced to issue a written cancellation notice, we will impose a £10.00 processing fee. Should your 1st instalment default, Alpine Insurance will increase it’s charge to £25.00 to cover our costs and time in setting up a new agreement (if applicable).

If you do have any problems please contact our office by return : 01702-552904

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